Behind B2B

Behind B2B: Tom Pepper

For the latest installment of Behind B2B – our series exploring the extraordinary people leading the way in our industry – we spoke with Tom Pepper, […]

Behind B2B #23: Dean Lindsay

For our latest instalment of Behind B2B – our series exploring the brightest minds in the industry – we meet Dean Lindsay, Customer Marketing Lead at Soldo.

Behind B2B #22: Jason Miller

B2B marketer by day, music photographer by night, Jason Miller balances his love of rock’n’roll with a zealous approach to marketing. Ahead of the release of his new book ‘Second Skin – A Metalhead’s Journey of Becoming’, Jason emerges from the digital mosh pit to talk about the importance of pushing the boundaries, and what marketing trope keeps him up at night.

Behind B2B #21: Matthew Leopold

Matthew is the Head of Brand, PR and Content Marketing at LexisNexis – a legal intelligence company. He has previously worked for British Gas, US tech-giant RingCentral and an aviation scale-up.

Behind B2B #20: Todd Latham  

With experience across multiple disciplines, Todd Latham has become an expert in all things B2B throughout his successful career. We sat down with Todd and discussed how being unsure of what you want to do when you’re younger can actually be a good thing – and why businesses are not as rational as we like to think they are.

Behind B2B #19: Paul Wooding

With an impressive career spanning both agency and in-house, Paul Wooding is the mastermind behind a wealth of award-winning B2B PR campaigns.

Behind B2B #18: José Pons

As many of us know, sales and marketing don’t always see eye to eye. But for a leader like José, knitting the two together comes naturally. We sat down with Visa’s Head of Product and B2B Marketing Europe to hear how having one foot in both worlds helps him drive results for a major global brand. 

Behind B2B #17: Sakina Najmi

For the 17th instalment of Behind B2B, we’re speaking to Sakina Najmi, Vice President of Marketing at Tractable.

Behind B2B #16: Addy Frederick

Much like our previous Behind B2B interviewees, Addy didn’t always know what she wanted to do. From a Classics degree at King’s College to PR at the Edinburgh Fringe, Addy went on to forge a career in comms, working with the likes of LV, Barclays, and Bupa. Now Head of Group Communications at Admiral Group plc, we sat down to discuss her experiences, the stories she’s most proud of telling – and whether or not we should all be on TikTok.

Behind B2B #15: Jason Bradwell

Like many of our Behind B2B interviewees, Jason’s trajectory (from aspiring film director to successful B2B marketing director) might sound a little unusual. But as our chat with Jason proved, a background in theatre puts you in surprisingly good stead to succeed in the world of B2B marketing.

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