B2B marketers have never had so much information at their fingertips. Trouble is, turning that data into insight that shapes strategies is a slow, tricky process.

To solve that problem, we’ve built B2B Lab – an AI-powered tool for powerful strategic planning. Affectionately known as ‘Otto’, our platform can store client and domain knowledge, pull insights, connect dots and solve problems for clients, fast.

Trained exclusively for B2B purposes, Otto draws on multiple leading Large Language Models (LLMs) in combination with live data feeds to deliver intelligent results for a range of B2B marketing needs.

This is complemented with specially trained agents, which act like ‘experts in the room’ – feeding back and inputting into whatever we’re working on. Within the platform, we can develop and train agents specific to B2B requirements and client programs, providing speed and scale.

We’ve designed Otto specifically to allow us to work collaboratively, with a knowledge base for every client who wants to get involved and models trained to specific markets. It’s a place to experiment together and see what’s possible. So if you’re interested in solving strategic problems faster, let’s arrange a time to chat about how Otto can move your planning forward.

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