Hectare Agritech


Hectare is a technology company that changes and modernises the farming and agriculture sector, particularly in livestock and crops. We worked with them on multi-region PR and comms campaigns.

The Brief

Launch and raise awareness of Hectare’s SellMyLivestock trading platform in the UK, US and Australia, showing how tech can modernise farming for the better.

The Outcome

We created Tudder, a Tinder-style dating app for cows, tapping into the agriculture sector’s love of farming humour. Launched on Valentine’s Day, the app quickly became a viral phenomenon, appearing across global media including US late night talk show. Tudder led to a 58% uplift in SellMyLivestock users, 1.3bn print media reach, and 17 award wins for Publicis Pro and Hectare.

What Makes It Extraordinary?

A story about farming that became an international media sensation.

Extraordinary thinking.

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