Easier, Better, Faster, Stronger: Ten commitments on how we’re using AI to enhance our work

  • August 7, 2023
  • Reading time: 2 min

We firmly believe AI has the potential to supercharge creativity and help us be more productive. That’s why we’re busy experimenting, sharing and codifying all the ways AI can help us to help you (the clients) do better marketing.

Given the astute, commercially minded (and extremely good looking) marketing leaders you are, one of the big questions on your mind will be ‘does that mean we can save money on agencies?’

The simple answer to that is no. Go and ask ChatGPT to write you a marketing strategy and you’ll see why. To get creative and differentiated answers you need creative questions and creative marketing brains to shape basic, but eminently helpful, AI outputs into marketing gold.

However, while AI transitions from ‘shiny new thing’ to simply ‘how things are done’, I believe transparency is key. In the refrain of high school maths teachers across the land: it’s on agencies to ‘Show your working’.

With this in mind, we’ve created 10 client commitments defining how we will and won’t be using AI on your behalf. Without further ado, here they are:

  1. We’ll never give AI your confidential information – We’ll never put anything confidential into third party AI tools.
  2. We’ll always use real humans to write new content – We’ll use AI to support in planning content to ensure we’ve covered all bases, but we’ll always write new content from scratch.
  3. We’ll deploy AI to rework content (where it makes sense) – When we have approved content, we’ll deploy AI to rework it for different purposes whether that be to suit different channels, to condense or create derivative content.
  4. We’ll use AI to optimise social content faster to improve results – Social moves at the speed of conversation and being able to react and adapt fast is half the battle. We’ll use AI to help adjust copy, test, learn and optimize paid and organic social strategies. 
  5. We’ll use AI to gain valuable new insights – AI can help us gain new insights from anonymized data, particularly from unstructured and social data. We’ll use AI to help you glean better insights from this data.
  6. We’ll use AI to understand audiences and opinions – Social media is a goldmine for insights, but to date so much analysis only goes skin-deep. We’re excited to tap new tools to better understand audiences and what they care about.
  7. We’ll use AI to create better strategies – Strategy relies on ‘ah ha’ moments. We’ll use AI to help create more ‘ah-has’ by gathering relevant insights (always fact-checked by humans) faster so we can develop better strategies.
  8. We’ll use AI to fuel the creative process – AI is based on ‘what’s gone before’ so it can be a great partner to the creative process, both to avoid reinventing the wheel and in helping creative teams break out of ruts.
  9. We’ll use AI to report faster and smarter – Tools to help drive and demonstrate ROI are developing fast. Where AI can help us all do this faster and more effectively we’ll be diving right in!
  10. We’ll never use AI to communicate with you – As an agency, we’re fueled by connections – it’s what gets us out of bed in the morning. We love engaging with clients and will never let AI get in the way of that for example in responding to emails/chats.

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