Making the most from your marketing automation investment

  • October 5, 2021
  • Reading time: 2 min

There’s a lot going on in the world of marketing automation (MA). And with the competition so hot, MA platforms are ramping up their own efforts, working hard to secure your business.

But as in-your-face as it feels to get a Mailchimp advert as you’re scrolling through YouTube, the fact is, you should be considering the options. MA remains as powerful as ever, so having the right platforms in place is key. That said, there’s a danger of pumping money into something you don’t even need. Not every shiny new toy needs to be played with.

So – how can you make sure you’re getting the most from any marketing automation investment?

Know yourself

What are you actually looking to achieve? Define your objectives, and set out how (or even if) marketing automation can support your needs. Break down your MA strategy and define it with objectives and deliverables, and compare these with what the products out there offer.

Commit or quit

Duration, cadence, priority, resources, manpower, investment. It’s almost impossible to get started without knowing where you stand. All of these attributes will undoubtedly decide the right platform for your needs, particularly with the level of financial investment, which in turn will affect the duration of your strategy. Some MA platforms can charge up to £2500 p/m, and even that’s when committing to a long term contract. And if you decide to go all out, do you have the resources to gather and collate results, and promptly present and act on these findings. As good as they are, these platforms still need human attention.

Shop around

It may be tempting to buy big and start with all the bells and whistles that these platforms offer, but resist and look around. Having fully-fledged, feature-rich software is of course where the cost comes from: the more features and functionality, the higher the cost. You may be surprised by the options open to you, and by just how powerful some free platforms are. Having an understanding of how the software can fit your strategy – rather than the other way round – could end up saving you some cash.

Feature first

As you can probably tell: there’s a lot to learn with marketing automation, and you need to identify what to take advantage of in your campaigns. Lead management, lead nurturing, lead scoring, bi-directional CRM synching, email marketing, consumer marketing, website personalization, and web activity tracking are all just the tip of the MA iceberg. Some of which are offered on certain platforms, at varying costs and contracts. Find the one that’s right for you.

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