P is for Planning: The Business Marketing Club Podcast

  • September 24, 2021
  • Reading time: < 1 min

As part of the A2Z of B2B Marketing from The Business Marketing Club podcast series, Billy Hamilton-Stent joined Antonia Wade from PwC, Colin Lewis from OpenJaw Technologies, and Laura Hughes from PayDashboard to talk planning.

When it comes to strategy and planning, Billy has these words of wisdom:

“Get it right and you get exponential value.
Get it wrong and you get exponential pain.”

Listen to the podcast to hear from some of the best in the business talking about how they approach planning.

Billy runs through the following all-important questions that you should ask yourself when building a plan:

  1. What is a plan? And what type of plan are we talking about?
  2. Who are the stakeholders?
  3. Where’s the money?
  4. What are the dependencies?
  5. What’s the timeframe for completion?

You can hear Billy from 12 mins 30 seconds.

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